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Tuesday, November 30th 2021, 9:12am

Bogart 13.0a / 12.4a for all systems

The BogartSE 13 video editing software for Casablanca-3 / DVC and Casablanca-4 / Windows is now available as version 13.0a or 12.4a :!: :love:

Thanks to the many wishes of Casablanca / BogartSE fans, version 13 comes up with over 40 innovations in almost all areas.

The Bogart 13 Highlights:

  1. No more problems due to erroneously adjusted settings
  2. Audio mix and editing even easier and faster
  3. New and improved standard video effects
  4. Placement of insert scenes significantly accelerated
  5. Higher quality WAV/PCM audio import/export (Casablanca-3)
  6. H.265/HEVC export >50x faster, depending on the CPU (Windows)
  • [Personal settings] which were set in BogartSE, can now be saved by a [Backup] function. This means that these are restored at the push of a button when switching to new devices or in the case of a completely new installation. (Silber & Gold Edition)
  • With "Personal settings" [Reset] the essential settings of BogartSE can be reset to the factory defaults. "Incorrectly set" systems can thus be corrected at the push of a button. (Silber & Gold Edition)
  • WINDOWS: When the program starts, it is automatically checked 1x a day for available updates, if there is an online connection. Under Settings / System / the [Check for updates] can also be switched off.
  • WINDOWS: With a completely new BogartSE installation, the "Input Device" is automatically set to "Trackball" to facilitate the transition for Casablanca-3 users. In addition, [Scrubbing with loop playback] is "off" as standard. Both settings can then be adapted to your personal wishes in the [User Interface] section.
  • In "Project" / [Select] entries can now be removed from the list in the "Last used projects" area. This means that you can now also remove unreachable Store'n'Share/Disk-Juggler projects that are no longer needed on the device. The change to this list has no effect on the actual projects.
  • [Delete all projects] removes ALL used projects of the current project environment at the push of a button. After that, it is offered to delete any existing MediaPool as well.
  • Within the "Import" [AV Correction] the preview display can now be switched to [Original], [Correction], [Original + Correction] and [Compare] (including scene selection for this). This makes it easier to adapt to other scenes / cameras during the import. (Gold Edition)
  • Scenes from selfie cameras can now be read correctly directly during import with [Mirror horizontally]. (Gold Edition)
  • The [Import Settings] functions [Shorten Scenes IN] and [Shorten Scenes OUT] are now used to automatically trim scenes and photo scenes. Especially when using the [Insert] function, scenes on the IN need a trimmed area if transition effects are to be used with it. This can now be done automatically.
  • In the USB/CD/DVD import window, you can filter to "All", "Photos" or "Videos" for import. Cameras, which additionally generate a preview image on the memory card for each scene, no longer lead to Photo+Video "Doubles". The setting made also applies to a subsequent "Advanced Search" in Windows.
  • While the import is in progress, the estimated duration for the import is now estimated and displayed.
  • WINDOWS: Scenes with multiple mono audio tracks are now automatically imported correctly.
  • WINDOWS: Files can now also be imported from tablet / smartphone / ActionCam etc. that only connect to Windows as an MTP device. These are temporarily cached before the import, which takes some time.
  • The insertion of an [Insert] is now done directly on the orange position marker. Inserting at the beginning and then moving appropriately is no longer necessary, which significantly accelerates the workflow with insert cuts.
  • A double click on the centered Storyboard scene now sets the orange position marker exactly to its beginning, which makes the insert cut and playback in the small window much easier.
  • In the [Special] menu, the switches for [Preview], [Full Size] and "Advanced Preview" (loop icon) are mostly automatically locked, if newer effects do not support the respective function. The "prohibition sign" when calling such functions is thus omitted and the use becomes clearer. (Older FX might not support this feature)
  • In Edit [Opt] you can now switch between [JPG] and [PNG] photo formats before [Export picture to file] is used. (Gold Edition)
  • When using the "Advanced split" playback, the query as to whether existing points should be deleted, only appears if there are actually points ahead of the playback position. (Gold Edition)
  • The new features mentioned under Finish / Export also apply to "Edit" / [Opt] / [Exporting scene].
  • When playing scenes and storyboard, there is an additional range display before the level meter. This also makes it easier to see visually where you are in the film/scene.
  • The Image-Processing/Special effect "Zoom" no longer has a 8s length limit for IN/OUT zoom rides.
  • The Image-Processing /Special effect "Rectangle" now has an adjustable fade time.
  • As a new Image-Processing/Special effect, "Tilt" offers rotation by +/- 90° and 180°. Whether the aspect ratio is adjusted by "black borders", "no borders", "center" or "distort" is adjustable.
  • There is a new Image-Processing /Special effect, "Sharpness correction" that can either blur scenes with a slider or increase its sharpness. Using "Reverse", a scene can also begin and/or end with a set blur, while the middle part is displayed normally.
  • The "Bogart Titler" and the "Vertigo Titler" now show the number of elements used in the respective title directly in the tab labeling of "Box(es)" and "Page(s)". This allows to quickly notice erroneously created pages and boxes.
  • The "Bogart Titler" and the "Vertigo Titler" have received a yellow switch [>0<], which can reset all settings in all tabs to the factory specifications. "Incorrectly set" title documents are now a thing of the past.
Audio Editing:
  • The export of sound clips now has a "Mode" switcher for audio export as [MP3] or [WAV]. When exporting as a WAV container, the uncompressed PCM audio codec with 1536 kBit/s and 48 kHz is used.
  • When using the "Advanced split" audio clip playback, the query as to whether existing points should be deleted, only appears if there are actually points ahead of the playback position. (Gold Edition)
  • CASABLANCA-3/DVC: The import of . WAV files (for Zoom Audio recorders and Co.) is now supported.
Audio Mix:
  • When crossing the timeline/scrubbing, with Alt +/- and Shuttle-TT all audio tracks are now played. (Gold Edition) With this and the following points, the cut-to-beat with underlined music in BogartSE has been revolutionized.
  • The function "Split active sample at marker " (scissors symbol) can now also be used in audio track 1 (original audio). This cuts the scene+audio into two parts, according to the respective storyboard scene (as in the Edit menu).
  • In the first tab "Insert / replace Samples", the switch [x] can now also be used to delete sound clips in track-1 (original audio). Accordingly, the affected scene is removed from the storyboard! Especially handy after splitting scenes for editing to music beat and removing "excess" scene parts.
  • In the third tab "Fade" the transition effect "Audio crossfade" can be inserted into the storyboard with the new switch [Track 1 Audio Crossfade]. The "maximum length" can be set from 1-5 seconds. The actual time depends on the available material. If this is not long enough, the audio fade is automatically shortened. An inserted audio fade can be undone via "UnDo" or, since it is actually a "transition effect", later changed or deleted at any time in the transition effects. The effect also allows two different ways of usage:
    • If a sound clip in track-1 was selected, the audio fade is set from this scene to the following scene.
    • If no sound clip was active in Track-1, the audio fade is set from the top centered/selected scene to the next scene.
  • Below the audio tracks there is now a switch [Search], which jumps to the currently in the storyboard selected sound clip in the list of the tab "Insert / replace Samples".
  • With the [Search] switch, it is also possible to separate a selected original audio in track-1 as an independent sound clip in the audio bin. If you have cut in the storyboard and this part has no scene in the Scene bin, this significantly shortens the creation of an audio sample.
Finish / Export:
  • In order to improve the playback of exported scenes on older/weaker media players, a quality level "HD TV" has been added. And for sending videos via WhatsApp & Co., the quality level "Web Video" reduces the memory consumption of exported scenes/storyboards even further. Perfect even for slow tablets & smartphones.
  • Below the quality setting, the export menu now displays an estimate of the expected file size. The actual size may differ from this estimate depending on the movement in scenes/image-noise/image details/etc.
  • When exporting a single scene or the storyboard in a certain format, the time required is now estimated.
  • A scene / storyboard export can now also be done as a lossless compressed PNG single image sequence. Since the best possible quality is always used, there is no adjustable quality for JPEG + PNG sequences.
  • WINDOWS: For the export of "vertical" video recordings, you can now set whether a "Rotate" information is embedded in the video file for later display (not supported by all file formats). This also makes it possible (with restrictions) to cut vertical video scenes (e.g. from/for a smartphone or tablet). (Gold Edition)
  • WINDOWS: Depending on the project format and hardware, "Intel" hardware-accelerated formats are now also available. Systems with Intel processors from the 6th generation and an active Intel UHD graphics card will be about 43-53x faster with the H.265 / HEVC export. If an export of one hour of UHD 30p material previously took 108 hours, this is now done in 2 hours.
  • The multiple selection in areas with list windows (e.B. import file selection) has been improved to comply with the PC standard. If you put a check mark and then a second one at any point, while holding down the capital letters(Shift-) key on the keyboard at the same time, all scenes in this area are marked.
  • In the ImagePool (accessible via the "Select pattern" window) the three graphics of "Rectangle" -Bold & -Thin have been revised for the product "Bogart SE / Images / Borders" in order to fill the screen when used with special / image compose "Patterns 2 and 3 effects.
  • WINDOWS: The recording functions for DV/HDV and the USB-analog converter now both have a "Mode" switch. [Normal] picks up as before until stop or signal loss. [Time] allows a selectable range of 1-180 minutes. To minimize errors from old tapes, recording times not exceeding 15 minutes is still recommended.

IMPORTANT: A free update from Bogart 5 to Bogart 11 is not possible with the Bogart v13! The installation can be used free of charge to update a Bogart v12, provided that these innovations are omitted.

Minimum system requirements:
  • Casablanca-3: 2 GB of RAM
  • Casablanca-4 / Bogart Windows: 4 GB RAM, Windows 7 or higher
Recommendations (Windows):
  • Intel i5 / i7-4xxx (or higher) with active Intel HD/UHD graphics and Windows 10/11 (64 bit) recommended.
  • Due to changes in INTEL and NVIDIA graphics card drivers, these should be updated to the status of 2021 in order to support all new Bogart 13 functions and to avoid errors!
    Recommended versions and downloads at:

All Bogart fans who purchase their update to the BogartSE 13 by December 31, 2021 will receive a compoesy® license for any device free of charge :!: :thumbsup: The MacroSystem compoesy® video editing software for Windows 10 (64 bit) and higher is expected in spring 2022. The free license should then be redeemed within three months of the publication of compoesy®. It doesn't matter whether you install compoesy® on the same PC as your Bogart version or use a completely different Windows computer. It is also possible to give it away to friends / acquaintances / relatives.

Here you get the BogartSE 13 license: The software is available for download here: At this point, many thanks to all BogartSE fans who encourage new functions with their wishes - to the beta testers who test these innovations on a voluntary basis - and the buyers of new BogartSE licenses + functions, which ultimately guarantee the further development of BogartSE. :love:
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