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:thumbsup: Vor dem Erstellen von Beiträgen bitte sicherstellen, dass die jeweils aktuelle Software-Version verwendet wird: Bogart für Windows 11.5/10.8/9.14/8.19/7.22/6.24 :!: / Casablanca-3 = BogartSE 11.5/10.8/9.14/8.19/7.22/6.24/5.28 (nur mit Arabesk 6/7) :!: / DVC/Enterprise = RelaxVision 5.9k :!:

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Wednesday, April 24th 2019, 9:36am

Bogart 11.1 / 10.4 / 9.10 / 8.15 / 7.18 / 6.20 / 5.24 for all systems

From now on the free update is available within the versions BogarSEt v5 to v11. Prerequisite for the installation are at least an active Bogart v5 and at least Arabesk 6 :!:
The update installation then updates to the following versions:
  • Bogart v11.x -> 11.1
  • Bogart v10.x -> 10.4
  • Bogart v9.x -> 9.10
  • Bogart v8.x -> 8.15
  • Bogart v7.x -> 7.18
  • Bogart v6.x -> 6.20
  • Bogart v5.x -> 5.24
Users using older BogartSE and Arabesk versions can upgrade to Bogart 11 or Arabesk 7 (at discounted rates until April 26th).

The changes from the previous Bogart 11.0a to the now current Bogart 11.1:

  • A crash issue in the import menu when loading archived AV-corrections has been fixed.
  • The quality of the red-green-blue adjustment directly during the scene import has been improved.
  • WINDOWS: When importing .mp3 files, the channels are no longer swapped.
  • When the storyboard "Plus" is switched off, the position marker is no longer used for the "Range" function.
  • When splitting directly in the storyboard, the sound clips are now also renamed (appended ": 1", ": 2", ...).
  • The naming of each part when splitting scenes with inserts has been improved.
  • When trimming in the storyboard (right-hand ctrl "t" in the Edit menu), any existing audio corrections to other audio clips will now be retained.
  • Fixed issues that could arise with two equal-length scenes in the storyboard and a full-length transition effect in very specific situations.
  • A transition effect over the entire scene length at the storyboard beginning no longer leads to the termination of an export.
  • WINDOWS: Audio "Scrubbing" will now play the sound channels correctly.
  • CASABLANCA-3: The special / "Still Scene" effect now uses the lengths from the "Defaults" window.
  • When splitting a scene in the storyboard, which contains an added effect at the original audio, this is now also transferred to the second split part.
  • CASABLANCA-3: The audio effect "Lengthen Sample" now uses its settings correctly.
  • CASABLANCA-3: That the audio effect "Lengthen Sample" was erroneously usable in the Audio Mix has been fixed.
  • Revised some passages in the English texts.
  • WINDOWS: If the Bogart window is closed during video playback, no error message will be displayed on the next startup.
  • WINDOWS: When exporting, the stereo channels are no longer reversed.
  • CASABLANCA-3: The Bogart Titler can also be used with 1-Monitor Scart display .
  • In encoded chapter menus with moving overlays, an additionally set transparency of the overlay is now used.
  • WINDOWS: The Blu-ray creation on devices that do not meet the recommended minimum standards has been improved.
  • WINDOWS: Arabesk menus at 60 Hz projects are now encoded correctly.
  • WINDOWS: Encoding errors in Arabesk menus without active Bogart 11 and Windows Pro package have been fixed.
  • WINDOWS: The generation of moving Blu-ray menus with background scenes and/or overlay animations has been improved.
  • WINDOWS: When creating Blu-ray background scenes, interlaced material no longer lead to incorrect display.
  • WINDOWS: Arabesk hardware acceleration has been improved to avoid crashes when adding movies.
And here are the downloads (Bogart Windows 11.0 / 10.3 / 9.9 / 8.14 / 7.17 / 6.19 may also use the online update feature in the Bogart settings): Note: My help in the forum is also supported by advertising, which is visible at this point for all forum members. Thank you for your understanding!
Signature from »Michael Huebmer« Wie bei allen EDV Systemen, sollte auch bei Casablanca oder DVC Modellen eine regelmäßige Datensicherung erfolgen :!: Auch wenn Festplatten gegenüber optischen Medien die einfachste und preiswerteste Sicherung darstellen: Es ist nie fraglich ob eine Festplatte mal ausfällt - sondern wann :!: (siehe Google Studie ). So hart es klingen mag: ungesicherte Daten sind unwichtige Daten :!: Bei Festplatten Struktur-Fehlern hilft eine Neuinstallation, bei Hardware-Defekten nur noch teure Datenrettungs-Dienstleister . :S

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