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Michael Huebmer

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Monday, February 7th 2022, 12:27pm

Service and support packages

Quoted from "via eMail"

Could you tell me if it is still possible to subscribe to your service "Service Paket 4 Platin" ?
If yes, is it possible to subscribe only for one year to see if it is corresponding to our needs ?
  • The S.H.I.E.L.D. Agency service-packs are always from 1. June to 31. May every year. Entering in between is possible with a price reduction, according to the remaining time. The always updated prices can be found here. :thumbup:
  • Sending always the latest Casablanca-3 updates for v12 and higher on DVD within Europe would be possible too. But Casablanca-3 won't allow remote-access and the 'storyboard' online magazines in the forum are only available in German language.

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Does this support allow us to send the problem that we face on Bogart 12, Arabesk 7 or other software on Casablanca-3 ?
Are French or English support available ?
Is there also technical support by phone or only by e-mail ?
  • I do not offer email support, because often it get's lost in the spam folder (especially foreign language) and answering the same questions over and over by mail for each customer is not making much sense in times of a great forum.
  • Within the forum, you can write in your own language and modern browsers will translate it for me and other BogartSE fans. And you can read all German threads translated online to French too.
  • As for the Platin service, calls are possible in English and German language only. Skype would also have an online translation for speech, but I guess technical or BogartSE specific words won't work well. Nevertheless, Skype would allow calls free of charge via the Internet (also possible on Smartphones in WLAN). Otherwise there would be a normal Austrian phone-number, internationally reachable..

Quoted from "via eMail"

Is it possible to access the command line (linux terminal) on casablanca-3 in order to get the logs when a problem appears to transfer them to technical support instead of sending the machine to germany each time ?
  • The specially adopted Linux used in Casablanca-3 does not generate any logs that are usable for developers. Only developer systems have BogartSE log-output, limiting the performance when editing.
  • If a problem occurs also with other scenes or within other projects, the steps should be posted in the support forum. Other users, Beta-Testers and I can then try to get this reproducible. If this is possible, I will inform the MacroMotion development to get it fixed. Please note, that third-party software, partly >20 years old, can't be updated any more.
Note: My help in the forum is also supported by advertising, which is visible at this point for all forum members. Thank you for your understanding!
Signature from »Michael Huebmer« Wie bei allen EDV Systemen, sollte auch bei Casablanca oder DVC Modellen eine regelmäßige Datensicherung erfolgen :!: Auch wenn Festplatten gegenüber optischen Medien die einfachste und preiswerteste Sicherung darstellen: Es ist nie fraglich ob eine Festplatte mal ausfällt - sondern wann :!: (siehe Google Studie ). So hart es klingen mag: ungesicherte Daten sind unwichtige Daten :!: Bei Festplatten Struktur-Fehlern hilft eine Neuinstallation, bei Hardware-Defekten nur noch teure Datenrettungs-Dienstleister . :S